Monday, November 18, 2013

UNT's Fashion At the Fountains...

Had a great time photographing for MODA's Fashion At The Fountains Friday night!  I apologize for the poor quality on the darker photos.  Unfortunately,  it was my first time shooting photos in the dark with out a flash.  I got so flustered!  Over all the show and the prep before was amazing.  The models really enjoyed themselves, as did the designers.  Of course with every great show, comes a great amount of stress.  Every one was scrambling around, quickly changing garments, testing lighting, playing music, yelling at one another....your typical fashion show.  I will say it was very impressive, considering the fact that a group of college students put the whole show together.  Great Job MODA!

MODA (Members Of Designing Arts)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I wore this outfit a couple of days ago and totally forgot to post it!  Things have been going so slow on my blog!  I feel like the closer it is towards the end of the semester the more challenging and time consuming homework and studying gets!

Anyhoo,  I decided to go bold and wear some pink.  Seemed to work out fairly well.

Everything you see is found in thrift stores in exception for the boots and jewelry!  My boots were from Forever21 and my jewelry from Sam Moon.  I will say the pink sweater and cross body bag were GREAT thrift finds!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just a Casual Day...

Good morning!

Wore this outfit a couple of days ago.  Don't know why I didn't post it!  Who doesn't love Guns N Roses, a thrifted flannel, and some fresh Coca Cola?!

Have a wonderful day...
xoxo Vestara

Hat: H&M $15, Jeans: Forever21 $13, Shoes: Forever21 $25,  Plaid Flanel: Thrift Find $3, Guns N Roses Tee: Cotton On $13

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just A Small Post...

Good Morning!  Unfortunately I've been a bit slow on posting this past week.  I had a couple of exams to study for, cleaning to do, and not to mention I felt sick on Halloween and decided to crash around 7 pm.  Did not dress up.  Did not go to the game.  Did not trick or treat.

Luckily I'm doing much better!
2 days ago I ordered a 6 month subscription of WWD newsletter and two issues of Magazine.  Little did I know, I lost my post office key so tomorrow I'll have to go purchase a new one.  I'm sure receiving fashionable news in the mail will make up for it though!

Phantomous Fashion - Melodic Wear


Before beginning my second inspiration board I looked through some sketches I’ve done during my free time.  I came across this interesting design (The second one from the left in my collection).  I loved the look, but had no idea what it could have been inspired by and what else I could create that would correspond to it.  My original sketch was actually red with gold inner lining (not sure if that is the correct term) .  The colors were somewhat oriental and I ended up throwing the design on an Asian croquie with edgy chopped off hair.  The narrow upward barrel shape occurring on the garment reminded me of musical organs.  As soon as organs came to mind, Phantom of the Opera got me excited.  Fortunately, I was able to see the beautiful musical on Broadway in New York City last spring.  I fell in love with the play.  It was overall an amazing performance and the music was outstanding.  I figured having a collection based off of The Phantom of The Opera would definitely be fun, challenging, and beautiful.

I started off from that one sketch idea and moved from there.  I really enjoyed the design, but had trouble coming up with other designs that matched up to it. After brainstorming quite a bit in my sketchbook, I made a final decision on which five garments I would choose.   I was sure to include the kind of hallow shaped folds in each piece to show the ‘organ’ inspiration.

As far as the design colors… I know the ‘lights’ may be a little surprising and unexpected because Phantom of Opera is so dark.  I really wanted to add a little twist to it.  I didn’t want the collection to shout Phantom of The Opera!   I just wanted to play with it.  I wanted to take little concepts from the production and work them into the clothing. The hints of gold through out the designs remind me of instruments (gold, silver, brass, etc.) which are extensively in the musical.  The neutral colors remind me of skin and skin can have a sensual meaning or romantic feel just like the musical.  The soft colors also remind me of candles, which are widely used through out Phantom of The Opera.  Plus, my last illustration board was fairly dark, and I want to make sure I keep them all a little different. 

Each model is wearing a mask, for show purposes of course.  Unless, a random fashionista decides wearing a mask as an accessory some day is the way to go!  The white mask is the original color for the Phantom.  I was sure not to change that.  As far as the shape goes, that one of those small concepts I decided to play with. 

I think flowers in a woman’s hair are so ravishing.  Whether it’s a little daisy in the summer, a hipster headband, or an editorial shoot flowers are something that can really bring something together, and what better way than romantic roses for Phantom of The Opera!  The flowers add to the beauty of the models as the music added to the beauty of the production.  The flower accents on the feet and hands just give the designs a little more flair, plus I feel they balance out all the flowers in the model’s hair.

It may sound a little contradictory mixing something beautiful and phantomous.  My main focus was beauty of course, but I did want to add that creepiness to it, to help exaggerate where my inspiration came from.  I did so with dark makeup.  Although many people can agree that dark makeup can be unattractive at times I feel like there’s this beautiful appeal to it.  The shadow in the eyes can come across as seductive and the richness of the lips can look so pure, all together creating an example of beauty.

As far as the look of the shoes and bags I wanted something that looked bold and beautiful.  The shoes are pearl white and I want them to have some kind of texture, but don’t know exactly how id want it to feel or look at the moment.  As you can see I have a variety of shapes in the bags I designed.  I know in the collection you don’t really notice the detail on them, but they are primarily gold and very chunky.  They’ve got designs carved/engraved in them with lots of texture, jewels, pearls, and more.   Both the handle of the purses and heels of the shoes are made from a plastic dark rich wood.  I was inspired by the dark polished wood that usually surrounds organs, cathedrals, and scenery in Phantom of The Opera.

The Dark Alluring Side of Nature & How It Reflects A Woman


            My inspiration was dark beautiful nature.  Not necessarily dark as in scary, but dark as in the night.  When we discussed how emerald was this year’s color I was instantly inspired.  I’ve always thought of emerald as a very strong beautiful color.  I thought, why not come up with a collection that has to do with emerald and/or darker colors (also goes with the season).  Emerald reminds me of forests in the evening, when the sun starts to go down.  I started looking up images of forests at night and then began looking at images of rivers reflecting moonlight, stars, the universe, bright red sunsets: anything in nature that was happening in the evening.  I started coming up with descriptive words such as bold, mysterious, brilliant, alluring, luminous, dark, strong, rich, etc.  Those words, to me, ended up portraying characteristics of woman, so I decided to descript my inspiration and collection, ‘The Dark Alluring Side of Nature and How It Reflects a Woman.” 
            I knew for a fact I would use dark shades of popular colors, such as emerald green, dark navy blue, plum, burgundy, black, and because the red sunsets were so inspiring and reminded me of a bold woman, I decided I wanted a coquelicot lip and hints of red in my main piece.   When someone thinks of the word ‘natural’ and clothing they may think of flowing materials and lose fitted garments.  That’s what’s expected.  I didn’t want my collection to be expected.  I kept a natural element to it and decided to design clothing that was a little more fitted and could empower women.  I tried to keep a little bit of flow and volume, but not too much. 
            I don’t know if I would consider my line haute couture/couture.  It’s more of an exaggerated ready to wear line.  I tried to include garments that women wear on a weekly basis.  The first outfit is a long evening dress.  Say the woman was dressing nice for a party, show, fancy gala/dinner, she may choose to wear a long gown.  My gown is the exaggerated version of that.  The second outfit is an exaggerated jumper.  You may see a woman wear a simpler version of this at a resort.  Of course the middle garment is the exaggerated LBD (little black dress) and a coat to go along with it.  Following the LBD is an exaggerated suit and the oh-so-casual crop top and matching bottom.  These are all basic ideas that a woman may choose to wear depending on her lifestyle.  They are exaggerated for show (pret-a-porter/haute couture).  A woman could be inspired by one or more of the garments and choose to take a way or purchase as is.  Some of the garments in my collection could be seen as red carpet wear as well.
            I’m still unsure of what types of materials I’d want the garments to be constructed with.  I don’t know if satin would be too cliché.  The embroidery is pieces of flaked gold and silver (predominantly gold), with pearls mounted in the middle.  They represent the stars in the night sky, since every woman is a star in her own special way.  I got excited and decided to design some black leather heels and bags to go with the collection.  I wanted the shoes to have that embroidered touch to differentiate them from many shoes out there.  Because everything else was so exaggerated I wanted to keep the clutches and handbags more basic.  I’m debating between black or platinum for the color, but they are leather with suede pleating on the ‘sides’ (not sure what the term is for the side of purses and clutches).  I even thought about including a fragrance that had bits and pieces of the flaky gold and silver inside (not sure if that’s been done or not). 
            Overall, I really enjoy my collection.  It is veered towards woman of course.  Some may be pleased with the idea, while others may not have a strong interest in fashion or how it’s portrayed.  I wanted it to include different elements of good design: Novelty, effectiveness, elegance, communication, emotion, surprise, and ethicality.   Because they are only sketches, they aren’t proven to be effective or well made, but if they were brought to life I’d be sure that they were.

            If I had to come up with an actual show I know I’d want the set to draw people in.  I’d want it to be both chic and awe inspiring.  Maybe there would be some kind of mirroring floors to reflect the women as they walked.  I’d want diversity in ethnicity in my models to show that all women are bold, luminous, mysterious, and beautiful.  A particular song I listened to while sketching was ‘Fabulous-Beauty (official instrumental) (Soul Tape 2 Version)’.  The song gave me a great vibe, and perhaps it would give the audience one as well….

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy 116th Birthday Edith Head!

October 28th, 1897 Ms. Edith was born.  She is recognized today as an outstanding costume designer who won 8 academy awards.  That's more than any designer! 

She won oscars for her costume designing in the films The Sting (1973), The Facts of Life (1960), Sabrina (1954), Roman Holiday (1953), A Place In The Sun (1951), Samson & Delilah (1949), and The Heiress (1949)

She passed away October 24th, 1981 
82 beautiful years...

*According to online sources it was 8 academy awards, but I'm having troubles finding the 8th film

Friday, October 25, 2013

One the Edge...

Photo Credit: Carlos Monge
Dress & Shoes: Jarynn Williams

Left Ring: Thrift find $3
Right Ring: Forever21 $4
Necklace: Thrift Find ?

Beanie: $5

Shoes: Love Culture $30
Socks: Target Clearance $5

Body-con Dress: Asos $10

Thursday, October 24, 2013

"What Lies Beneath?"

Decided to share my opinion on an insightful article in this month's issue of W magazine...


            Whether you remember her beautiful appearance in 1968 film Wonderwall, her French/UK hit "Je'taime", her philanthropic work, or the Hermes 'Birkin' bag, Jane Birkin has and forever will be an iconic figure in the fashion and cultural world.

            The picture above, to the right, made the front page in an interesting article in this month's W magazine.    The article was titled 'What Lies Beneath?' and was part of a small section called the Naked Truth.   I found the article quite interesting.  It's main argument was wearing dresses, sweaters, and other clothing without panties or bras.  It gives a variety of examples of many celebrities, including classy one's, who choose not to wear underclothes. By reading it you gain a clear understanding of why people choose to do so.  It personally drew me in.

            I remember in high school if you walked into a cold class with a sports bra and were 'nipping' your friends would automatically alert you, because for the majority of kids it was 'weird'.  It wasn't attractive.  Then again, majority of kids in the average high school don't have an appreciation of fashion, art, and/or the human body, as some others may have.  Many girls also choose to wear bras because it changes the appearance of their bosoms.  Whether they are pushed up or appear larger, it makes many girls feel sexier, and their is nothing wrong with that.  They realize a man might be attracted to a woman who has nice breasts when it may not be reality, only an elusion.

            Reading this article really gave me an appreciation towards the woman body.  It doesn't talk about that directly, but when you think about the article in depth it makes you think of the body and how you show it off. I feel that after reading the article I would be more comfortable not wearing a bra or underwear in certain situations!  I'm sure many people would feel uncomfortable, but I thought it was an intriguing topic to share.

            If you all are interested in different celebrities and their opinions towards no underclothing I highly suggest you pick up the magazine and start reading.  Not to mention W magazine always has interesting articles, editorials, and ads!

Young & Sophisticated

Yesterday's Outfit...

Blazer: Ralph Lauren (borrowed from a friend)
Blouse: Forever 21 (Plato's closet $7)

Belt: Thrift Shop $2.50

Purse: Thrift find $5

Shoes: Traffic $15